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Rent to Own - $150,000 Low Doc

ABN holders. No other qualifications

Betterquip and GoGetta’s rental option is perfect for your new equipment. Our Rent.Grow.Own solution shares the risk in your business by giving you options other don’t:

  • Property owner - copy of a rates notice!

  • Clear credit / no court actions!

  • Certified drivers license & Medicare!

  • Same day approval!

  • Minimum one month old ABN!
  • Private Sales – YES!

  • No Age Restrictions – YES!

  • New in Business – YES!

  • Flexible Contract – YES!


GoGetta will look for reasons to approve your finance rather than look for reasons to decline, and this means they say YES more often. In fact 97% of applications are approved.

How does the finance work?
Key Benefits of the Finance

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